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Started in 1944, “Seventeen” was America’s first magazine geared towards a teenage audience. At first, “Seventeen” focused on inspiring teenage girls to become model workers and citizens. 

However, soon after its debut, the magazine took a more fashion and romance ­oriented approach in presenting its material, while still promoting self­ confidence in young women. 


Drive subscriptions to Hearst’s “Seventeen” Magazine through an engaging iOS application loaded with access to Hearst’s proprietary CMS and over 2 dozen other content sources. 

Hearst Publications was in the market for a strong technology oriented partner to help them solve the complex challenge of rethinking how digital magazines are published and consumed. 

The goal of this project was to increase engagement across multiple platforms, and provide a boost to subscriptions through seamless upselling. 

To accomplish these ends, Hearst needed to realize a new methodology for the development of mobile applications, and they needed a partner that not only knew how to develop a magazine app, but one that understood editorial workflows and advertising methods Hearst wasn’t willing to jeopardize or sacrifice. 

Once commissioned, Dom & Tom helped Hearst developers to map, design, and build the first iPhone magazine of its kind. Dom & Tom integrated Hearst’s proprietary CMS into the application and consulted with Hearst on editorial workflow, tagging systems, and transitioning the maintenance of the app to Hearst technicians once the project was complete.


  • iOS Development

Dom & Tom’s app development team integrated Hearst’s custom CMS and API services to feed the content stream of the iOS application.

  • User Experience

To ensure the application’s navigation process was as easy to learn as possible, Dom & Tom’s user experience team created app wireframes and mapped out exactly how the application should work for maximum efficiency.

  • Creative Design

Collaborating with the Hearst design team, Dom & Tom’s creatives formulated a design that successfully captured the spirit, feel, and tradition of “Seventeen” Magazine. 


Following the launch of the “Seventeen” app, the print magazine saw a significant increase in subscriptions and a large spike in audience engagement. 

“Seventeen” enjoyed an explosion of social media buzz and new readership, creating new ad revenue streams and channels for parent company Hearst. 

The “Seventeen” app has had a direct and immense influence on how Hearst creates magazine apps going forward.


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